About us

There is so much difference in rural – urban divide in India whether it’s education, healthcare or simply opportunities. This has only been widening over the years. Adding to this complexity is the migration to urban areas and the associated problems. While there have been efforts to better the education standards and improve healthcare in recent years, the results have been insignificant. The SODEWS(Society for the Development of Economically Weaker Section) team is passionately committed to making a positive impact in rural areas.

Meet the Team


K.S. Ramamurthy


A retired official who worked with the government of Zambia and Botswana as a senior civil servant and who worked with the UN as a consultant.


K.C. Sundaram


A businessman and a film producer. Has varied interests in public affairs and has formed a think-tank to address policy issues.


Vikas Jain


A M.Tech holder Vikas is a computer professional.

K. Krishnan – Treasurer 
A tribal who is a farmer.  Has been with SODEWS since inception. Also functions as an office assistant in SODEWS.

Mrs. Anuradha Selvam – Vice-President
A tribal with a university degree. Has been in community development for over a decade in Yelagiri Hills and presently is an elected member representing Yelagiri Hills in the Council.

Balaji Sampath – Committee Member 
A scientist who runs his own educational business and has experience working both in India and abroad. Also an author of science books for primary and higher level education.

Gomathi Dhamodaran – Com. Member
A well-known resource person in science education, Gomathi is a popular trainer who trains students in many schools and colleges. Started and established Eureka Schools. Gomathi developed the award-winning Eureka Science Lab-in-a-Box which was used to implement a large scale science experiment program in Krishnagiri and Sivagangai Districts. She currently works on developing technology-based science content for children.