About us

There is so much difference in rural – urban divide in India whether it’s education, healthcare or simply opportunities. This has only been widening over the years. Adding to this complexity is the migration to urban areas and the associated problems. While there have been efforts to better the education standards and improve healthcare in recent years, the results have been insignificant. The SODEWS(Society for the Development of Economically Weaker Section) team is passionately committed to making a positive impact in rural areas.

  • SODEWS was formally registered in the year 2004 although they were engaged in development activity since the year 2000.
  • We focus primarily on the enhancing the quality of educational interventions at pre-school, primary and middle school levels.
  • Works in 5 panchayat blocks in Vellore District in Tamil Nadu.
  • We also run our school Vani Niketan Sikshan Sansthan at a remote village in Uttarakhand.