Pre-Primary (Anganwadi Program)

In each of the five blocks our volunteers visit 30 Anganwadis totaling 150 in all. The Anganwadis are a part of the Integrated Child Development Scheme which focuses primarily on child and maternal nutrition, health and well-being. Our work is to get more children to come to Anganwadis and to generate interest in learning & academics in preparation for their formal schooling.

Primary School Program

In nearly 150 Government Primary Schools our volunteers meet with 5th graders teaching them to read & write fluently in their vernacular, English and also helping them understand fundamentals of mathematics. Our entire thrust here is to ensure that all children are able to read and write their vernacular fluently and also to ensure that there is a smooth transition to middle schools effectively stemming drop-outs.


In the year 2009, SODEWS embarked upon a government programme under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) to provide primary education to school drop outs and never enrolled. Establishing five centres in government schools, this programme with around 280 children continued upto 2014.  Subsequently, with the change in government policies these centres were closed and SODEWS felt the need for continuation of this programme to ensure that the students from the remote villages continue their education at least upto 12th standard. Thus, the hostel concept came into existance in 2014. Providing accomodation, food and various welfare measures, the students are now provided higher quality of education by extra coaching, computer education and general exposure. The hostel now has around 150 children attending classess 1-12. Sixty of the students are girls. Emphasis is also laid on sporting activities.

Science & Quiz programme

SODEWS conducts regular Science and Quiz Programmes in government middle schools to enable the children to develop competitive spirit, self confidence and extended knowledge in the fields of Science, Math, English and General Knowledge. An evaluation of this programme reveals a very high increase in educational standards. Science programmes by conducting expiraments and demonstration cover physical sciences, chemistry and biology in very simple forms that can be understood by students upto eighth standard.